Monday, 20 November 2017

Loco Roster from Monday 20th November 2017

Mon 20th:- Typhoon on driver experience
Tues 21st:- Typhoon on driver experience
Thurs 23rd:- JB Snell on driver experience, Typhoon on works train
Sat 25th:- Typhoon and Hercules on Santa Specials
Sun 26th:- Typhoon and Hercules on Santa Specials


james oneill said...

Hell o does any one know when black prince is coming back onto the line and Samson ? Many thanks

cprtrain said...

Can you give us an update on Green Godess?

cprtrain said...

I've been watching the night time operation this evening and it is terrific! Thanks. I wish that I could have been there from Canada with my video camera. The scenes in the webcams were great.

Donna Wallace said...

Any chance on an update for the roster for next week?